PPTP command to connect MAC OSX VPN Server

From command line, to connect to MAC OSX VPN Server using PPTP, the following command can be used..

sudo pppd serviceid 2 debug logfile /tmp/ppp.log plugin /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/PPPController.bundle/Contents/PlugIns/PPPDialogs.ppp plugin PPTP.ppp remoteaddress xxxx.yyyy.com redialcount 1 redialtimer 5 idle 1800 mru 1500 mtu 1448 receive-all ipparam novj 0:0 noipdefault ipcp-accept-local ipcp-accept-remote noauth refuse-pap refuse-chap-md5 user myusername password mypassword hide-password noaskpassword mppe-stateless mppe-128 looplocal

To view the log for VPN connection
tail -f /tmp/ppp.log