VTA Bus…

I love VTA ( Valley Transport Authority ) buses a lot… One day, on my way back to office, I took VTA bus no: 55. Time was around 7:00pm. I need get down at Remington so that I can walk to my home. The next major stop after Remington is Fairoaks, where apartments like Fairoaks West, Arbor Terrace are situated. Indian population is very high in these apartments.

When Remington was reached, the bus stopped and I got down. Then the bus started and then suddenly stopped. The driver came out of the bus and asked.. ” You looks to be an Indian. Lots of Indians stay at Fairoaks… Are you staying at Fairoaks. If so this is not the stop. Fairoaks is next stop…”. I was a lot surprised by the humbleness of the driver and said ” Thanks.. I stay near Remington”.. He said, “Good… Have a great evening”… I wished him back and thanked him for his concerns.

What touched me a lot was his concern for the travelers in the bus. Having stopped the bus, coming out and inquiring… A very good customer care and very humble… These activities brings a lot of good will… Hats off that driver….